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Part I. How are Filters Seamed? What are Seaming Tools?

Part I. How are Filters Seamed? What are Seaming Tools?

Aug 9,2019

What are Seaming Tools?

Chuck and Roll

What is Chuck?

The chuck is a tool inside the seaming machine, used for holding the end of a filter.

The chuck is held is place and does not rotate like the rolls. Usually it moves synchronized with the lifter.

                                          Fig 1. Filter Seaming Tools (Left, Roll; Right, Chuck)

What is Roll?

The roll is a tool that comes either as 1st opertaion or 2nd opertaion variant.

A roll has a small groove in it; Different size of groove determines the operation

Do you Have Roll and Chuck For Sell?

Sure we do. We have different size of roll in stock. Whenever you need it, you will have it in the soonest time. For chuck, we need sample to customize the chuck.

                                                                    Fig 2. All Specs of Rolls in Stock

Filter Seaming Machine

To be continued

Please check Part II. How are Filters Seamed? What are Seaming Tools?


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