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Automotive Oil Filter Manufacturing Process & Machines_Part I

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Automotive Oil Filter Manufacturing Process & Machines_Part I
Issue Time:2019-07-17

After know the main components of an oil filter, Let’s talk about the oil filter production process in this article. If you have no idea, please read my previous article How It's Made, Oil Filter Production Process (I).


It can be divided into 3 Parts

Part I. Steel Components Making Part:

Part II. Filter Element Making Line

Part III. Filter Assembly Line

Part I. Steel Components Making Part: 

Press————cover plate

Thread Tapping Machine——tapped cover plate

Spot Welding Machine For Cover Plate

Press————to produce upper and lower caps of element

Spot Welding Machine For By-pass Valve

Deep Drawing Press——to produce housing

Painting Line——For paint the housing 

Part II. Filter Element Making Line

Full-auto Paper Pleating Machine——to pleat filter paper

Clipping Machine——to Clip pleated filter paper end together

Full-auto Spiral Center Tube Making Machine——to produce center tube

PVC Glue Dispensing Machine——Apply glue on upper & lower caps, and assembly the element upper cap, clipped and pleated filter media, center tube, and element lower cap together.

Then go through curing oven.

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